Resin Bonded Diamond & CBN wheels are use for Dry and Wet grinding application give good finishing these wheels can be used for re-sharpening and fresh carbide and HSS tools manufacturing.

MICRO Hybrid Bonded Diamond / CBN Grinding Wheels especially used for CNC TOOLS Grinding Machine.
CNC Tools Grinding Machine with a very excellent Stability and high flexibility, it's requirement for the Diamond Grinding and CBN Wheels could not be reached by the usual diamond grinding wheel. The most demanding and time consuming operation is the flute grinding where we have a high stock removal a cutting depth.
Micro Hybrid Bonded Diamond / CBN Grinding Wheel, especially used for the CNC TOOLS grinding machine, such as: ANCA, WALTER, SCHUTTE, EWAG, SCHNEEBERGER, HUFFMANN and so on. Have shown excellent grinding performance in flute grinding with high stock removal capacity combined with a minimum of wheel wear. It is not necessary to reduce the infeed or the impact rate with our Hybrid Bonded Diamond / CBN Grinding Wheels. The Hybrid Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels especially used for the CNC Tools grinding machine has the following performance :
1. High wheel shape retention, suitable for the high precision tools operation
2. High stock removal
3. Superior surface quality
4. Very low spindle load
5. Fast cutting speed
6. High wear resistance for longer life